I’m so glad you’re here. Whether you are just starting to think about planning your family or you’ve been trying to conceive for years you are in the right place. I’m Stacey, a fertility coach and doula trained in providing support, resources and information on nourishing your mind, body and spirit in order to increase fertility, mental health and overall quality of life.

Of all the websites in all the world you stumbled onto mine and I’m hoping this is a start of a beautiful relationship (with me and with yourself)!


Work with me…

1 in 8 couples struggle with getting pregnant. You’re getting advice from every direction, each well-wisher telling you what they did to conceive or how you just need to relax…if only a vacation could cure infertility right?

Let me help. Let’s talk about using nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and your own body to help improve your fertility and overall hormonal and emotional health.

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Stacey helped me through the most difficult time in my life…if it hadn’t been for her words of wisdom, support and encouragement I would not be sitting here nursing my baby right now.
— Tia J.


What is a fertility coach anyway? A fertility coach/doula is a trained and certified professional with extensive knowledge of how our bodies and minds work together to create hormonal balance (or imbalance in our bodies) and use a holistic approach to open ourselves to the children we are meant to have. We provide education, resources and emotional support for you on this journey.



Are you currently receiving fertility treatment and want assistance with procedure after care? Do you want to talk to someone about processing your experience and how to best care for yourself during this time? This is the service for you.


Are you interested in an individualized plan on how to maximize your fertility, improve egg quality, and prepare your mind and body for a healthy conception and pregnancy? This comprehensive plan focuses on holistic techniques including movement, nutrition and mind-body connection to supercharge fertility and improve overall physical and emotional wellness.


Want to learn more about cycle charting and how to take control of your life and boost your productivity and fertility? You’ll learn all about maximizing your health, and fertility in order to achieve a healthy pregnancy.


We offer local and remote support groups to the community multiple times throughout the year to commune with others who are experiencing similar life situations and offer resources, support and guidance. Groups generally run in 6 weeks sessions. Individuals and couples are welcome.